What animals can be seen in Koh Tao?

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The beauty of Thailand is something that you really need to experiment once in your life.  With its rich biodiversity, stunning landscapes and vibrant culture, Thailand is a truly nature paradise! from mountains and jungle to beaches.  

The nature of Thailand with a rich flora and fauna is very diverse, but if you want to see marine animals that you cannot see in other parts of the world, you should come to visit Koh Tao island. In this article, we will explore the wonderful underwater life that you can see if you decide to dive in Koh Tao, from various fishes, chorals and other animals in these crystalline water. 

Snorkel - Tortuga en Koh Tao

why to visit KOH TAO?

Ko Tao, also well-known as “Turtle island” is located in the Gulf of Thailand. The island is an authentic paradise for the natural lovers, with a big diversity of animals, and amazing beaches. 

Moreover, Koh Tao is famous for being one of the best islands in the world for diving! For that, diving in Koh Tao is a remarkable experience where you can see turtles, sharks or stingrays, for instance. 


One of the most exciting aspects of visiting Koh Tao is that you can find animals such as monkeys, which can often be seen playing in the trees, or Monitor lizards near the beach, with their impressive size and shiny skin. 

But what really sets this island different is its incredible marine life, as we mentioned previously in other blogs, there are many popular places to dive in Koh Tao such as Shark Bay, where you can see turtles before the sunset, or Mango Bay, which is known for its colorful corals and abundant marine life. The types of animals you can see on the island are:


Koh Tao is the home of a big variety of tropical fishes, that offer you a show of colors and shapes

Among the most notable species are the angelfish, butterfly fish, parrot fish and trumpet fish. It is possible to find clown fish, which protect their homes living in anemones. You can see them only snorkeling in Koh Tao, in beaches such as Ao Hin Wong or Aow Luek Beach, where you can find fishes, corals, or baby sharks, for example.  


Finding a shark is an exiting and memorable experience for divers in Koh Tao. The blacktip reef sharks are the most common sharks in the area. You can see them only snorkeling close to seashore puedes verlos haciendo.

But, if you decide to dive in Koh Tao, you could see whale shark, especially during the months of March to May. This gentle giant feed on plankton and poses no threat to divers. It is the largest fish in the world. It’s a real blast!


Koh Tao is an importante nesting site for green turtles and hawks bill turtles. The divers may be lucky enough to encounter these majestic animals at sites like White Rock and Shark Bay. Turtle sightings are a reminder of the importance of marine conservation and respect for ocean ecosystems.


In Koh Tao you can find  different kinds of marine invertebrates animals that add color and complexity to the underwater landscape. For instance, nudibranchs, with their brilliant colors and unique patterns, are a delight for underwater photographers. In addition, diving in Koh Tao can be quite an experience without encountering cleaner shrimps, porcelain crabs and octopus, which often camouflage themselves in the environment.


If you are interested in exploring Thailand and the precious of its nature, one of the best ways is to dive in Koh tao. There are many diving centers on the island, so be sure to choose a quality one, with good reviews and professional experience in diving. In our diving center in Ko Tao , we offer you different types of diving courses from try diving or Open water course, among other courses. With us, you can get the certification and enjoy the natural paradise that the island has with its rich biodiversity.  

We cannot forget to mention that one of the unique diving experiences you can have on Koh Tao is observing nocturnal wildlife through night diving. This gives you the opportunity to see sea creatures that are active at night. These can be octopuses, squids, jellyfishes and different colorful fishes

So if you are looking for an adventure in nature, come to the island with a wonderful marine fauna and flora. And, of course, take diving courses in Koh Tao with the best prices that in the world!

Contact with our diving school, Nitro Dive to know more information. Do not lose your opportunity to visit this paradise with your own eyes!