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"Diving is our passion. And that's why we chose Koh Tao as the location for our project."

Nitro is a very personal bet, designed with passion and effort. Diving is our passion. And that is why we chose Koh Tao as the headquarters of our project.

Nitro is a very personal bet, devised with passion and effort. Diving is our passion. And that is why we chose Koh Tao as the headquarters of our project.

Our goal is to help everyone who wants to enjoy the diving on Koh Tao, while we try to make you feel at home. For this reason, besides offering you the services of our diving school, we also have a hotel and a bar, specialized in tapas.

Our team of professional instructors has more than 15 years of experience in diving, guaranteeing your safety in all our activities.

For all that and more, we are proud to say that Nitro is more than just a dive operator on Koh Tao.

Nitro is a community delighted to welcome all diving enthusiasts.

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DIVING is no more dangerous than driving or jogging. The potential danger is obvious, we are underwater where we need specific equipment to be able to breathe, added to the risk of having to reach the dive sites by boat. That said, scuba diving is a relatively safe sport when performed under the supervision of professionals following safety regulations. Several studies carried out in the US, Canada and Japan show that the statistical probability of death during diving is 2-3 per 100,000 dives, most of the time the injuries are sunburns, bruises on the boat when walking on slippery surfaces or jellyfish stings. Following training and safety instructions under the supervision of professionals reduces the chances of unfortunate accidents.

The practice of diving with autonomous equipment today (January 2021) is limited to people over 8 years of age and has no maximum age limit, as long as there are no physical and / or mental complications.

Depending on the country, it is necessary to pass a medical check-up that certifies that you are fit and that diving is safe. In other countries the good faith of each individual is presumed and it is enough to fill out the following form, once we answer this form, if there are 1 or more existing medical conditions it will be necessary to obtain the medical certificate. (This certificate costs around 200 Thb in Koh Tao)

Medical Form (Spanish)

Medical Form (English)

SSI and PADI, both follow the standards set by WRSTC, which makes both certification agencies have exactly the same international value, which can be jumped from one to the other and with the difference of teaching materials and marketing they are two sides of the same coin. We leave you some information so that you have the facts, not just the words.

The World Recreational Diving Training Council (WRSTC) is dedicated to the global safety of the recreational diving public. As such, one of the main goals of the WRSTC is the development of minimum standards of training throughout the world.
Establishing standards recognized and implemented around the world is a valuable asset in addressing local and national regulatory issues. The WRSTC is the global cooperation mechanism to achieve international consistency in the minimum standards of course training. The Member Councils of the World Recreational Diving Training Council recognize and accept the responsibility to promote the global safety of the recreational diving public, the international consistency of WRSTC training standards, and global credibility. Dive training agencies based in the US Those who meet the membership criteria can apply and become members of the RSTC.
For additional information, please contact info@wrstc.com. Founded in 1999, the World Recreational Diving Training Council (WRSTC) is dedicated to the global safety of the recreational diving public. Through its membership, the WRSTC is the global cooperation mechanism to achieve international consistency in minimum course training standards. The Member Councils recognize and accept the responsibility to promote the global safety of the recreational diving public, the international consistency of training standards, and the global credibility of the WRSTC. Membership of the WRSTC is restricted to national or regional councils comprised of individual training organizations that collectively represent at least 50% of the annual diver certifications in the Council of Members' country or region.
Countries or regions without a current WRSTC member council who are interested in forming an RSTC organization and then applying to become WRSTC affiliates should contact info@wrstc.com for more information.

Nitro Dive has a very clear policy on refreshment programs to ensure the enjoyment of all its divers.
The less experienced will enjoy the knowledge of a diving professional to solve all their doubts and practice some exercises before venturing to greater depths.
More advanced divers can enjoy their dive excursions without altercations created by the inexperience of other divers who have not dived for long periods.

Who has to do a Nitro Dive soda class?

  • Certified divers with less than 20 dives, the date of their last dive being between 6 months and one year.
  • Certified divers with less than 50 dives and more than a year without diving.
  • Certified divers who feel the need for extra attention and want to start with basic exercises like rig assembly, pre-dive and buoyancy check, mask and regulator emptying, air exchange, buoyancy, etc.

The safety and enjoyment of all our divers is the most important thing to us and we make no exceptions to avoid accidents and bad experiences.

All Nitro activities are fully refundable, up to 24 hours before your activity. You will receive a full refund of the price of the activity:

  • If you cancel a reservation 24 hours before the start of the activity for any reason. Please note that you will not receive a refund if you do not cancel the activity and do not show up. In addition, the time is calculated according to the time zone of the activity;
  • If the Guide cancels the tour;
  • If you are unable to complete the tour due to an unforeseen event that is beyond your control ("Unforeseen Events").

Refunds will be returned to the original payment method used to make the reservation. Depending on the bank's processing time, it may take 30 business days for refunds to be reflected in your bank account or card balance.

All cancellations must be initiated by contacting Nitro Koh Tao Support via:

Send an email to: nitrodivecenter@gmail.com

Phone (+66) 0937477265

SSI courses are designed primarily to meet the safety needs of the divers involved, the course objectives and the environment in which the dives are conducted, as well as the technical difficulty of the subject matter. Not only does the human body develop more as one ages, but experience, understanding and the ability to assess risk and react to problems also increases. SSI has implemented specific age restrictions to ensure that the diving experience remains a safe and accessible sport for the widest possible range of participants. More details on age limits can be found in the SSI Training Standards.


The SSI Scuba Skills Update program is intended to provide certified divers with a safe and enjoyable way to refresh and update their skills. It can also provide non-certified Open Water Diver students with another practice session before participating in their open water training dives.

When breathing compressed air under the sea we absorb nitrogen bubbles, before traveling we have to wait for them to leave our body. If you have done 1 dive you have to wait 18 hours, if you do 2 or more you will have to wait 24 hours.

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