SSI Dive Master Course
in koh tao

“Be the best at diving with this SSI Dive Master course.” You will be prepared with all the advanced diving knowledge.

What does the SSI dive master consist of?

Do you dream of guiding divers? If you take the Dive Master course, you will be on your way to accessing the SSI professional diving career.

First steps to follow:

  • Open Water Diver: The Open Water course gives you a lifetime certification that allows you to dive up to 18 meters. At our diving school in Koh Tao, you can do the course in 3 days with 6 dives.
  • Advanced adventure: This advanced diving course gives you a lifetime certification that allows you to dive 30 meters deep and perform night diving. The course is done in 2 days with 5 dives, each one is a different adventure: perfect buoyancy, navigation, deep 30 meters, night and sunken ship.
  • React Right: The SII First Aid and Emergency Course
    It consists of 1-day theoretical training of between 3–6 hours. In the course we teach you (first aid, CPR, oxygen administration, among other techniques).
  • Stress&Rescue: In the Rescue Diver course, we teach you how to rescue and combat stress in any dangerous situation. You will have 2 theoretical sessions and 4 dives, where you can practice real scenarios, rescue drills, etc.


If you meet all these requirements, you are ready to start your SSI professional career. SSI Dive Master Course is 6 weeks long, and you will learn everything related to this incredible world. You will be part of the team to get to know a Diving Center from the inside.

The price includes all course materials, basic diving equipment and SSI fees. Ask us for additional information on how we can become diving guides.

PRICE 40,000 bht


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